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Certificate Of Excellence


Main attractions:
  • Namib Desert, the ‚Sea of Sand’ inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list
  • Namib-Naukluft Park
  • Scenic Sossusvlei – highest dunes on Earth
  • Photogenic Dead Vlei with its ancient, dried-up acacias
  • Picturesque Dune 45
  • Massive ‚Big Daddy’ and ‚Big Mama’ dunes
  • Tropic of Capricorn – iconic, geographical landmark
  • Coastal oasis at Swakopmund
  • Lunar landscape of the Moon Valley
  • Welwitchia mirabilis trails – botanic attraction, known as the ‚living fossil’
  • Fur seal colony and historical Cape Cross
  • Brandberg Massif, ‚White Lady’ and ancient Bushmen rock paintings
  • Scenic landscape of the Damaraland
  • Bushmen rock engravings at Twyfelfontein – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Kaokoland and Opuwo
  • Meeting semi-nomadic Himba people
  • Majestic Epupa Falls on the Kunene River
  • Sanctuary of nature and wildlife, treasure of Namibia – Etosha National Park
  • Hoba Meteor – largest known meteorite (as a single piece) and most massive, naturally occurring piece of iron known on the Earth’s surface
  • Meeting with Bushmen (San people) of Namibia
  • Open-air craft market in Okahandja
  • Windhoek – the capital city
Day 1,  20/08/2017

Departure from Windhoek around 8 o’clock in the morning. Our guide will pick you up from the hotel. We are heading west, into the Namib Desert, and will be travelling through scenic bushland and savannah of the Central Highlands and Namib-Naukluft Park. On route stop-over at the spectacular view point of the Spreetshoogte Mountain Pass before we descend from Central Plateau (1600 meters above the sea level) into the desert (at 600 m above sea level). We are crossing dried-up river beds, which fill-up with water only during rainy season. Lunch served amidst semi-desert savannah at the cozy, wilderness restaurant at Solitaire. Stop at the small, desert bakery to taste freshly baked bread, cakes and famous ‚apple pie’.

Meals: dinner.

Distance: 350 km on gravel roads.

Accommodation: 2 nights at the: http://www.campgecko.net/index.php/unterbringung/?lang=en

Duration: around 5,5 hrs with stops.

Day 2,  21/08/2017

Before sunrise, we begin fascinating adventure to spectacular Sossusvlei – land of the highest sandy dunes on Earth! After climbing to the top of picturesque Dune 45 we will go on an off-road trail and desert-walk among orange, surreal dunes of Dead Vlei. Breath-taking landscape of the majestic dunes, touched by the light of the rising sun and contrasting shadows overwhelms with its shapes, forms and colors! Towering over 380 m overhead is one of the highest dunes of the Namib, ‚Big Daddy’. Exquisite vistas worth capturing through the eye of a camera.

Surreal Dead Vlei charms and amazes with its incredible landscape expressions! Dry acacia forest (Camelthorn acacia) as if ‚frozen in time’, calmly and motionlessly stands among the silent dunes. Unique desert experience leaves impressive, lasting impressions! In the afternoon hike through the fascinating formations of the Sesriem Canyon.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 150 km, tar, gravel and sand roads.

Day 3,  22/08/2017

After breakfast, we are travelling through the Namib Desert and Namib-Naukluft Park – venturing north-west to small town-oasis Swakopmund, set on the Atlantic coast. En route, crossing Kuiseb Riverbed, travelling through vast regions of savannah and semi-desert.  Good chance of sighting ostriches, springboks, mountain zebras and oryx grazing in their natural habitat. While crossing iconic Tropic of Capricorn, time for break, stretching legs and short photo-moment. Arrival in Swakopmund, early afternoon.

Meals: breakfast, dinner at the coastal town of Swakopmund.

Distance: around 320 km on gravel roads.

Duration of travel: around 6 hrs with stops for lunch and pictures.

Accommodation: 1 night at Swakopmund at Driftwood Guesthouse.

 Sea facing room.

Day 4,  23/08/2017

Salt road along the Atlantic Coast takes us further north. On the way, visit to the largest fur seal colony with short stop-over at the historical Cape Cross, where in 1486, Portuguese sailor Diego Cao set up a granite cross in tribute of the King of Portugal, after landing on the Namibian coast.

Turning east, inland – we are on route to the mountainous Brandberg Massif with the highest Namibian peak, Konigsberg, towering 2574m above sea level. Set amidst grassy African savannah and granite mountains is famous ‚White Lady’, ancient Bushmen painting, created by the tribal artists, who inhabited these regions centuries ago. Arrival at the lodge, in the afternoon.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night at http://aabadimountaincamp.com/

Distance: about 300 km on salt and gravel roads.

Duration: around 8 hours including sight-seeing.

Day 5,  24/08/2017

Early in the morning, on route to scenic Damaraland and to visit Twyfelfontein – UNESCO World Heritage Site, where over 2000 rock engravings created by Bushmen are found in the rusty rocks and mountains. Engravings picture animals, hunters and hunting, people and their lifestyle.

After visit to engravings, we are venturing further into Kaokoland, to Opuwo, capital of this northern region. The next day we will meet semi-nomadic Himba people. One of the last, pastoral tribes on Earth, who continue to keep their traditional ancient way of life, as they did for hundreds of years. Unique chance for ethnic photography!


Accommodation: 1 night at  http://www.opuwolodge.com/

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 450 km on gravel and tarred roads.

Duration: around 8 hours including sightseeing and lunch.

Day 6,  25/08/2017

In the morning, unforgettable visit to the Himba village, learning about their nomadic way of life. Unique opportunity to observe exotic culture and customs. The Himba are a tribe of semi-nomadic pastoralis, who inhabit the Kaokoland, in northern Namibia. They have clung to their traditions, and the beautiful Himba women are noted for their orange-colored skin, intricate hairstyles and traditional jewelry. Himba men and women wear few clothes, apart from a loin cloth or goat-skin mini-skirt, they rub their bodies with mixture of red ochre and animal fat to protect themselves against sun, insects and to condition their skin. It gives Himba’s skin characteristic rich, red color. Himba jewelry is made from iron, animal skin or shell, and due to the intricate designs, have become very popular among the visiting tourists. Visit at the Himba village creates superb opportunity for spectacular ethnic photography! After morning adventure, time for lunch and afternoon rest.

After visit to the Himba village we are heading further north in direction of Kunene River to admire Epupa Falls. Kunene creates natural border between Namibia and Angola.

Accommodation: 1 night at  http://www.epupalodge.com/

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: 230 km on gravel roads, including travel to Himba village.

Day 7,  26/08/2017

On our way to spectacular nature reserve – Etosha National Park! Etosha is dedicated to protecting wildlife of African bush and savannah. Its beauty and natural charm simply overwhelms the visitor! Wild animals inhabit enormous regions of grassy savannah. Harmony and balance of nature fills the viewer with tranquil peace and serenity. Live ‚theatre of nature’ at its best!

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 400 km on tarred and gravel roads.

Duration: around 8 hours with stops for sight-seeing and lunch.

Accommodation: 4 nights at http://etoshaheights.com/

Day 8 – 9 – 10,    27 – 28 – 29/08/2017


On safari trails of Etosha! We are tracking wildlife in its own natural habitat, observing herds of elephants, zebras, hyenas, variety of the antelopes (kudu, oryx, impalas, eland, springbok, gnu) giraffes, rhino, jackals and birds of prey.  Searching for big cats of Etosha: cheetah and leopard, and for ‚king of the savannah’ – the lion.

At the waterholes, in calm and stillness, we are observing wild animals coming for a drink of water after a hot day. Evenings spent at the waterhole, watching and admiring rich variety of wildlife. Till late at night, we are captivated by incredible nature show! Fantastic opportunity for unforgettable photographic moments!

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: about 200 km on gravel roads.



Day 11,  30/08/2017


After last visit to the waterhole, leaving Etosha early in the morning and heading south to Bushmen land, where we will meet Bushmen tribe in their village. On the way, short visit to an interesting attraction: Hoba Meteor. The main mass of meteor is estimated at more than 60 tons, making it the largest known meteorite (as a single piece) and the most massive naturally occurring piece of iron known on the Earth’s surface.

In the afternoon visit to Bushmen Village situated deep in the bush, where we will spend around 3 hours with this unique and fascinating tribe. We will observe their traditions and culture, learn skills of animal-tracking in the bush, finding water-rich plants, berry and fruit picking. Bushmen will perform their traditional dances, games and songs. Participation in all activities is welcomed!


Accommodation: for 1 night at the https://www.roysrestcamp.com/

Distance: 270 km on tarred road.

Duration: 5 hours with stop-overs and lunch break.

Meals:breakfast, dinner.



Day 12,   31/08/2017

On the way to Erindi, private nature reserve, where you will spend last night on your safari tour.

Accommodation: 1 night at http://www.erindi.com/old-traders-lodge/

Distance: around 250km (tarred and gravel road)

Duration: around 4 hours.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.


Day 13,   01/09/2017


Windhoek ‚back to civilization’.  On the way, visit to an open-air craft market in Okahandja. Wonderful opportunity to purchase hand-made curios and African souvenirs.

Meals: breakfast.

Distance around 500km on tarred road.




Additional Information


Included in the tour's price:


All transportation, fuel, accommodation, meals as mentioned per itinerary, entrance fee to National Park, tour guide for the entire tour.


Not included in the tour's price:


Scheduled flights, individually extended accommodation, additional transfers, personal insurance, alcoholic beverages, optional activities (not included in the tour's price), water, soft drinks and snacks, gratuities and tips, any trip extensions, personal shopping. 


Car type


Toyota Hilux or Ford Ranger 4X4 or similar.





Vaccination/Immunization is not required; we advise to contact your doctor before your trip to Africa. Please make sure that you have been already vaccinated against polio, tetanus, hepatitis and tuberculosis. Tour includes malaria regions, please consult with your medical practitioner for prophylactic measures.




It is compulsory to take up adequate travel insurance before travelling to Africa. Please consult your insurance company for advice and information before making the trip to Namibia.

Start Date: 2017-08-20
End Date: 2017-09-01
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