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  • Himba People Namibia

Kaokoland is home to approximately 6000 Himba. These friendly people are closely related to the Herero and speak the same language. The Himba are herdsmen, breeding mainly cattle and goats while leading a semi-nomadic life. They migrate with their herds to the different waterholes, from season to season.

For the Himba, clothes, hair and jewellery hold a special meaning and form an important part of their tradition and culture. Even newborn babies are adorned with pearl and bead necklaces, while older children are given bracelets crafted from copper and decorated with shells. The proud Himba women spend many hours on beauty care and grooming, every day. They cream their whole body with a mixture of rancid butterfat and ochre, scented with the aromatic resin of the Omuzumba shrub. The cream lends the body an intense reddish glow, which reflects the Himba ideal of beauty.