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Spitzkoppe & Erongo Mountains

Spitzkoppe, situated on route between Usakos and Swakopmund is also described as the „Matterhorn of Namibia”. Rising to an altitude of about 1800 m, the Spitzkoppe is by no means Namibia’s highest mountain, however, due to its striking outlines, it is regarded as the most well-known mountain in the country. Granite massif, fascinating volcanic rock formation is part of the Erongo Mountains and situated in an endless, dry plain; the island of mountains can be seen from far away.

One can go for walks in this stunning landscape and climb about between the bizarre rock formations. Flora species in that area: the yellow Butter Trees and the Poison Tree (euphorbia virosa), which leaks an extremely poisonous white juice; the Bushmen use this to poison their arrows. San (Bushman) paintings can be found in various places, many in the „Bushman Paradise” under an overhanging rock wall.

Despite appearances, it is quite difficult to climb the Spitzkoppe, first conquered in 1946. Only experienced and well-prepared mountaineers with adequate equipment should take this mountain on. In summer, climbing is not possible; the rock gets so hot that you would burn your hands immediately. Next to the Spitzkoppe lays the „Little Spitzkoppe”, with a height of 1584 m above sea level, and the Pontok Mountains. Near Spitzkoppe Mountain, crystals and semi-precious stones are sold by the road side, in an on the open-air market.