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 Detailed itinerary 

Day 1 & 2, December 30th to 31st  

Close encounter with wildlife of Africa! Early departure 450 km north to Wildlife Sanctuary of Namibia, Etosha National Park, known as the ‚Hidden Treasure of Africa’. After arrival, exploring nearby waterholes. Around 7pm return to the camp, before closing of the gates, dinner and relaxation. In the evening and late till night, observing wildlife at the waterhole, in the live ‚theater of nature’. Second day, in the morning tour of the western region.

Be it a lion or an elephant, a giraffe or a zebra; almost all African animal species are represented in this huge nature reserve. There is an estimated number of 250 lions in the park, 300 rhinos, 2 500 giraffes, 6 000 zebras and more than 2 000 elephants. Variety of antelope species: Oryx, Kudu, Eland, Wildebeast and Impala live in Etosha. The dainty springbok are especially numerous; at least 20 000 of them roam the reserve. Often, they can be observed in enormous herds of several hundred animals. In Etosha, 114 mammal species are found, several are rare and endangered e.g. black rhino (largest number in the world), cheetah and black-faced impala. Etosha’s elephants are the largest in Africa. The tallest found measuring up to 4m. Blue wildebeest, zebra, hyena, lions, leopard and giraffe and about 340 bird species, are also found in the area.

The area has about 30 springs and waterholes that provide excellent game viewing and fantastic photographic opportunities. Visitors should approach and depart from waterholes slowly, with as little noise as possible, as not to disturb the game. 


Distance: around 450 km to Etosha on tarred roads, following day around 200km on well-maintained, gravel roads of the park.

Accommodation: 2 nights on the camping in or near Etosha NP


Meals: breakfast, dinner.


Day 3, January 1st  

After breakfast, traveling through western regions of Etosha to Opuwo in Kaokoland, capital of this northern region. Next day, visit at the village and meeting with semi-nomadic Himba people. Himba are one of the last semi-nomadic tribes on Earth, who continue to keep their traditional and ancient way of life, as they did for hundreds of years.

Distance: around 400 km mainly on tarred roads.

Accommodation options: 2 nights in Opuwo at the campsite.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Day 4,  January 2nd  

In the morning, ethnic experience and unforgettable visit to the Himba village, learning about their fascinating way of life. Unique opportunity for observing an exotic culture and customs.

The Himba are a tribe of nomadic pastoralist who inhabit the Kaokoland area of Namibia. The Himba have clung to their traditions and the beautiful Himba women are noted for their intricate hairstyles and traditional jewelry.

As Himba men and woman wear few clothes apart from a loin cloth or goat skinned mini-skirt, they rub their bodies with red ochre and fat to protect themselves from the sun that gives their appearance a rich red colour. Himba jewelry is made from iron or shell, and due to their intricate designs have become very popular among western tourists.

Visit at the Himba village creates superb opportunity for spectacular ethnic photography! One of the world’s best and award winning ethnic photos were taken at Himba villages in Namibia.

Distance: around 150km on gravel & tarred roads.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Day 5, January 3rd  

After breakfast we are heading ‚back to civilization’, to Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. Our journey will take around 8 1/2 hours with the stops to stretch our legs, lunch and take pictures of the magnificent landscape. Arrival in Windhoek late afternoon. Transfer to your lodge/hotel or directly to international airport.

Distance: around 650 km on tarred road.

Meals: breakfast.


Additional Information


Included in the tour's price:


Transport, fuel, 4 nights camping accommodation and reservations, meals as per itinerary, national park entrance fee, full-day unlimited game drives in Etosha National Park (sunrise till sunset) in the provided tour vehicle, experienced tour guide for the entire tour.


Not included in the tour's price:


Scheduled, international flights ‚to/from’ Namibia, individually extended accommodation, additional transfers (airport transfers, which we may arrange at euro 20 pp), individual travel and medical insurance, lunches & water if not selected, drinks and alcoholic beverages, optional activities, gratuities and tips, trip extensions, visa to Namibia (if required), pillows and sleeping bags, towels and items of your personal use.




Start Date: 2018-12-30
End Date: 2019-01-03
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