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7 Days - Etosha Explorer


  • 7 days in one of the most amazing places in Africa
  • NEW, previously inaccessible regions of Etosha – recently opened!
  • Exquisite African wildlife: sights and sounds
  • Unique, photographic adventure
  • Enriching experience and close encounter with Animal Kingdom
  • Bird-watching and unique, ornithological observations
  • Nature Sanctuary – considered one of the ‚most loved’ nature parks of Africa
  • Over 60 waterholes, natural springs and view points around the park
  • Scenic journey featuring vast savanna and bush landscape
  • Night-time wildlife viewing at floodlit waterholes
  • Exquisite feeling of peace and tranquility near nature
Day 1

We will pick you up around 8 am at any hotel/lodge situated in Windhoek and travel 600 km north, to Etosha National Park – treasure of Namibia. Lunch en-route, in small, mining town – Tsumeb. Arrival at Von Lindquist Gate (eastern Etosha) around 4 pm. We are welcomed by wonderful atmosphere of the wild and characteristic scent of the savannah!

After checking-in at Namutoni or Onkoshi Camp, time for late afternoon game drive around Fischer’s Pan and scenic Twee Palms in search of magnificent wildlife: elephants, rhino, zebras, various game (oryx, kudu, wildebeest, impala, springbok, blessbok) giraffes, hyenas and big cats of Africa: lion, leopard and cheetah inhabiting the vast savannas. Return to the camp before sunset, for dinner. Park’s gates are closed right after sunset, for safety.

Meals: lunch & dinner.

Distance: 600 km on tarred road and 50 km on gravel roads .

Accommodation: 2 nights at Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Namutoni Resort 

Day 2

Unique and fascinating encounter with wildlife! In the morning, after breakfast, tour of the eastern and northern trails and regions as far as King Nehale Gate situated in north-eastern Etosha. Return for lunch, rest and visit at camp’s waterhole. In the afternoon exploring regions towards Okerfontein and Batia waterholes. Return to the camp before the sunset and before closing of the camp’s gates. After dinner, in the evening, nature spectacle at the waterhole and ‚live theatre of nature’ till late at night!

Be it a lion, leopard or an elephant, a giraffe, hyena or a zebra; nearly all African animal species are represented at this huge nature reserve. Inhabiting a ginormous area of over 22,000 square kilometers, there is an estimated number of 250 lions, 300 rhinos, 2 500 giraffes, 6 000 zebras and more than 2 000 elephants in the park. Variety of antelope species: Oryx, Kudu, Eland, Wildebeest, Springbok, Impala and tiniest Steenbok and Duiker live in Etosha. The dainty springbok alone are especially numerous; at least 20 000 roam the reserve. Often, they can be observed in enormous herds of several hundred animals.

In Etosha, 114 mammal species are found, several are rare and endangered e.g. black rhino (largest number in the world), cheetah and black-faced impala. Etosha’s elephants, although not great ‚tuskers’ are considered to be the largest in Africa, often measuring up to 4 meters at the shoulder and weighting around 6 tons. Blue wildebeest, zebra, hyena, lion, leopard, cheetah and giraffe, as well as various species of reptiles, rodents and snakes are also found in the area. With 340 bird species inhabiting the park – Etosha is a bird-lovers paradise!

Etosha park features over 60 springs and waterholes which provide excellent game viewing and fantastic, photographic vistas! Visitors should approach and depart from waterholes slowly and quietly, with as little noise as possible, as not to disturb the game and viewing pleasure of the other visitors.

There are three most popular rest camps at the park: Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni, accommodating the visitors at the luxurious, thatch-roof bungalows, designed in an African style or double rooms, or on campsites. Each camp features scenic, flood-lit waterhole, frequently visited by animals, as well as a leisure area with a restaurant, shops and a swimming pool for guests’ convenience.

Meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Distance: around 250km on gravel routes of Etosha.

Day 3

After breakfast, last visit to Namutoni camp’s waterhole and we are en-route towards Halali Camp in the central region of Etosha. On route, visiting various waterholes such as an impressive natural spring at Goas, often visited by lions and hyenas. Arrival at Halali for lunch and rest before next wildlife adventure on Eland and Rhino Drives and to the panoramic Rietfontein waterhole. In the evening, before sunset, return to the camp for dinner and evening wildlife viewing at the Moringa waterhole, situated near the camp – famous for elephants, black rhino and hyenas visiting at night.

Meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Distance: around 150km on gravel roads.

Accommodation: 2 nights at Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Halali Resort

Day 4

In the morning, after breakfast, exploring the central region of the park ‚heart of Etosha’: between Batia and Sueda waterholes, including visit to an attractive Etosha ‚Lookout Point’ situated 3 km into the Etosha Pan. Return for lunch , rest and visit at camp’s waterhole. In the afternoon exploring remaining, central regions as far as Okerfontein natural spring and Batia waterhole. Return to the camp before the sunset and before closing of the camp’s gates. After dinner, in the evening, nature spectacle at the waterhole till late at night!

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 200 km on gravel roads.

Day 5

After breakfast, last visit to ‚Moringa waterhole’ at Halali camp and we will be on our way to Okakuejo camp – famous for its spectacular waterhole and exquisite wildlife sightings. Gravel road takes us near the edge of Etosha Pan – while we frequently admire its changing colors, hues and shades. On route, visiting many waterholes and view points along Etosha’s Pan and in areas surrounding Okakuejo Camp such as Homob, Ondongab and panoramic Nebrownii. Arrival at Okakuejo for lunch and refreshing. In the afternoon adventure to several waterholes surrounding Okakuejo camp itself, such as Gemsbokvlakte, Olifantsbad, Nebrownii and picturesque Ombika, frequently visited by lions. In the evening, before sunset, return to the camp for dinner and evening wildlife viewing at the camp’s impressive, flood-lit waterhole.

Meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Distance: around 150km on gravel roads.

Accommodation: 2 nights at Namibia Wildlife Resorts

Okaukuejo Resort

Day 6

Early in the morning, after breakfast, on our way to explore Okondeka and Adamax – located north of Okaukuejo camp. Okondeka, a natural spring, right at the western edge of the pan is famous for lions sighting, traversing, lone giraffes, large herds of migratory zebras, wildebeest, springboks and a magical, vast landscape of the Etosha Pan.

Wonderful photographic opportunity to capture the huge expanse! We will continue on western trails of the park. Today’s lunch break (lunch pack) at one of the waterholes. We will visit waterholes situated right next to the main, western route. Return to Okaukuejo before sunset for dinner, and later rest at the waterhole. Night-time viewing at floodlit waterhole: elephants, giraffes, black rhino, jackals, lions and variety of antelopes visit till late at night.

Meals: breakfast, lunch & dinner.

Distance: around 400 km on gravel roads.

Day 7

‚Farewell Etosha!’ After breakfast last visit to camp’s waterhole and we are on our way towards Andersson’s Gate, with short visit to picturesque Ombika waterhole, frequently visited by lions, giraffes and greater kudu antelope. From Etosha on our way to Windhoek, time-depending, we will stop for lunch either in Outjo or Otjiwarongo. Arrival in Windhoek in the afternoon. Transfer to the hotel/guest house or directly at the airport.

Meals: breakfast, lunch.

Distance: around 450km on gravel and tar roads.

Included in the tour’s price:

Transport, fuel, 6 nights lodge accommodation and reservations, meals as per itinerary, mineral water in the car, national park entrance fee,  experienced tour guide for the entire tour.

Not included in the tour’s price:

Scheduled international flights to & from Namibia, individually extended accommodation, additional transfers (airport transfers, which we may arrange at euro 20 pp), individual travel and medical insurance, drinks and alcoholic beverages, optional activities, gratuities and tips for guide & waitress, trip extensions, visa to Namibia (if required).

Start Date: 2020-02-19
End Date: 2020-02-25
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