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10 Days - Namibia TOP attractions


Main Attractions

  • Windhoek - capital city
  • The Namib Desert ‘Sea of Sand’ UNESCO World Heritage
  • Sossusvlei – some of the World's highest dunes
  • Picturesque Dune 45
  • Surreal Dead Vlei and ancient, dried-up acacias
  • Big Daddy Dune – one of the highest on Earth
  • Impressive rock formation of the Sesriem Canyon
  • Tropic of Capricorn - geographical landmark
  • Namib-Naukluft Park, canyons and dry river-beds: Gaub and Kuiseb Pass
  • Coastal, town-oasis Swakopmund and port-town of Walvis Bay
  • Flamingoes and coastal salt pans
  • Moon Valley and Welwitchia mirabilis - one of the world's oldest plants, the "living fossil" botanic attraction
  • Cape Cross and fur-seal colony
  • Damaraland and Brandberg, Damara communal lands and villages
  • Twyfelfontein UNESCO World Heritage
  • Etosha National Park - Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Okahandja – open-air craft market, largest in Namibia

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1 – 17th May, Friday – Arrival in Namibia, Windhoek

Our representative will welcome you at the international airport arrivals at 14:20 holding a sign with your names. You will then be transferred to guesthouse to check in and if not too tired you are welcome to enjoy drive-through, informative city tour with city’s main attractions: Kristus Kerk, Tynten Palace, Independence Avenue (main street) and possible visit Diamond Works store for a glass of Champagne and interesting historical presentation (if you are interested in the precious Namibian gems).

Possible wildlife sightings en-route from airport: antelopes kudu, springbok, oryx, jackals, mongoose, warthogs, baboons, variety of birds of prey.

Meals: lunch, dinner.

Distance: 50 km via main tarred road.

Accommodation: 1 night at Klein Windhoek Guesthouse 

Duration: around 2 hrs. (including city-tour if preferred)


Day 2 – 18th May, Saturday – From Windhoek into the Namib Desert

Departure from Windhoek at 08:30 in the morning from Windhoek to Sossusvlei region the ‘Sea of Sand’. Our guide will pick you up directly from guesthouse. You are heading south-west, into the Namib Desert, travelling through scenic bushland and savannah of the Central Highlands and Namib-Naukluft Park. On route stop-over at the spectacular view point of the Spreetshoogte Mountain Pass view-point before descending from Central Plateau (1700 meters above the sea level) into the desert (at 600 m above sea level). We are crossing dried-up river beds, which fill-up with water only during abundant rainy season. Lunch-stop at the iconic desert-oasis Solitaire. You are welcome to visit Moose McGregor desert bakery to taste freshly baked famous ‚apple pie’. Sheer feast for passionate photographers – capturing nature with the eye of camera!

Possible wildlife sightings: antelopes kudu, springbok, oryx, jackals, mongoose, warthogs, bat-eared foxes, baboons, free-roaming cheetahs, camels, variety of desert-dwelling birds.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner

Distance: 300 km via gravel roads.

Accommodation: 2 nights at Agama River Camp 

Duration: around 5,5 hrs with stops.


Day 3 – 19th May, Sunday– Your Desert-Getaway – Sossusvlei and the “Sand Sea”

Early morning before sunrise, scenic drive through Sesriem Gate to Sossusvlei – place of the highest dunes of the World, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as the ‚Sea of Sand’. Breakfast in the dunes (breakfast packs). Optional climbing picturesque Dune 45 to experience beauty and vastness of fascinating orange-colored landscape. After the climb, 5 km off-road 4×4 drive to visit surreal Dead Vlei in the Sossusvlei area, a place of vast clay pan and dried-up, ancient acacias standing silent in an impressive landscape. Optional climbing of Big Daddy or Big Mama dune. Return to Sesriem Camp for lunch. In the afternoon visit to the Sesriem Canyon and afterwards visit at picturesque Elim Dune with surrounding ‘Fairy Circles’ fields. Return to the lodge, in the evening: dinner, rest and relaxation and possible spectacular star-gazing.


Possible wildlife sightings: ostriches, oryx, bat-eared foxes, mountain zebras, giraffes, springboks, free-roaming cheetah and various desert-dwelling birds. 


Meals: breakfast (breakfast packs will be provided), lunch, dinner.

Distance: around 200 km via gravel, tar and sand roads


Day 4 – 20th May, Monday – From the Namib Desert to the Atlantic Coast

Adventure starts after breakfast, as we travel through the Namib-Naukluft Park towards the Atlantic Coast Swakopmund, passing by Gaub and Kuiseb canyons and fascinating rock formations of the Namib. Vast spaces and magnificent landscape of the Namib Desert reaches as far as eye can see. Possible wildlife sightings en-route: oryx and springbok, mountain zebras, giraffes, jackals and world’s largest birds – ostriches.

En-route, celebrating crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn (famous geographical line) – time for pictures and leg-stretching! Lunch in Walvis Bay at the coast at the waterfront – possible seals and dolphins visiting in the bay. Visit to Walvis Bay salt pans and lagoon bird sanctuary (various marine bird, flamingoes, pelicans). At sunset - coastal adventure invites you to the ‚lunar landscape’ of the Moon Valley for a discovery of the botanic attraction, Welwitchia mirabilis, called a ‚living fossil’, one of the oldest and most original, living plants on the Earth. (this visit may also be scheduled for next day, please discuss with your guide)

Possible wildlife sightings: antelopes springbok, oryx, mountain zebras, jackals, mongoose and on the coast marine birds and seals, dolphins.


Accommodation: 2 nights at Swakopmund at luxury Strand Hotel 

Distance: 270 km (gravel road), including 30 km coastal tarred road.

Duration: 5 hours with stop-overs.

Meals: breakfast, lunch (Walvis Bay waterfront), dinner at one of the fine coastal restaurants.


Optional activities, (prices may vary at different operators/ guide will assist with transfers to activities and bookings):

  • Quad Bike ride into the dunes of the Namib. NAD 450 pp
  • Swakopmund city tour and visit to the Crystal Gallery and local craft market NAD 30.00 entrance
  • Sandboarding NAD 350 pp
  • Sky-diving NAD 2500 pp
  • Early morning marine cruise to seal colony, dolphins, flamingoes NAD 800 pp (next day morning)
  • Kayaking in the bay NAD 650 pp (next day morning)



Day 5 – 21st May, Tuesday – Sandwich Harbor Day-Tour/Coastal Optional Activities

Coastal adventures and leisurely day! (Moon Valley visit and Welwitchia trails may be arranged today as well)

Half-day Sandwich Harbour day-tour. Pick-up from Strand Hotel at 11:30 return back to the hotel around 17:00. Ultimate desert experience:  4x4 tour to Sandwich Harbor and into the lower Kuiseb Delta Hummock-dune Valley, Salt Pans and in to the Namib-Naukluft Park “where ocean and desert comes together”. On the way you’ll be treated to Sparkling wine, fresh Oysters and a variety of snacks (light lunch).  

Optional activities:

  • Afternoon Quad Bike ride into the dunes of the Namib. NAD 450 pp
  • Visit to Crystal Gallery an impressive gem collection with large crystals on display! NAD 30 pp
  • Snake Park (most of Namibia’s species) NAD 30.00 entrance fee
  • Marine Aquarium NAD 30 pp
  • Sandboarding in the coastal dunes NAD 350 pp
  • Camel rides into the desert NAD 350 pp
  • Kayaking in the bay/seals (morning only)
  • Scenic Plane flight over the coast (POR depending on itinerary/length of flight)
  • Scenic Helicopter over the coast (POR depending on itinerary/length of flight)
  • Swakopmund History Museum NAD 40 pp
  • City tour, Jetty walk, street craft market FOC (with your guide)

Distance: 100 km via tarred/gravel roads.

Duration: 4,5 hrs.

Meals: breakfast, light lunch (in the dunes during day tour), dinner at one of the fine coastal restaurants.


Day 6 – 22nd May, Wednesday – From Swakopmund via Cape Cross to Damaraland

Early morning travelling via the coastal salt-road leading 150 km north to Cape Cross and the Cape Fur-Seal colony (please be advised: fur seal smell is quite strong). After observing huge family of these aquatic playful mammals, we are turning east into the desert region of Damaraland, traveling towards mountainous granite Brandberg Massif, one of the most magnificent and majestic places of Namibia and Twyfelfontein UNESCO World Heritage site – ancient Bushmen rock engravings (visit scheduled for nest day). On the way passing by traditional Damara villages and settlements in the communal areas with possible wildlife sightings.

You are welcome to make a stop at small desert stalls set up by the road by the local small-miners and prospectors searching for semi-precious stones in Damaraland region – wonderful opportunity to purchase unique and stunning natural gems. Arrival at the lodge late afternoon, refreshing rest (pool available) and dinner.

Possible wildlife sightings: marine wildlife and birds, fur seals; antelopes springbok, oryx, jackals, mongoose, meerkats (surikats), brown hyena, mountain zebras, giraffes, bat-eared foxes, variety of desert-dwelling birds and desert-dwelling elephants.

Distance: 350 km via gravel road.

Duration: 4,5 hrs.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: 1st night in Damaraland at White Lady Lodge 


Day 7 – 23rd May, Thursday – Twyfelfontein UNESCO World Heritage Site and Damara Culture

Start early after breakfast (due to rising temperatures) discovering beauty of Twyfelfontein rock engravings, UNESCO World Heritage site – one of the largest concentration of petroglyphs in Africa. You will admire most interesting petroglyphs, out of over 2000 works, created centuries ago in the rusty-orange rocks by San people, Bushmen inhabitants of these regions.

The site which for ancient San is considered sacred, forms a coherent, extensive and high-quality record of ritual practices relating to hunter-gatherer communities in this part of southern Africa and eloquently illustrates the links between the ritual and economic practices of hunter-gatherers. Lunch and afterwards, ethnic meeting with the Damara tribe at the ‚Living Museum’.  

We are surrounded by fascinating nature, wildlife, rock formations and a magnificent landscape of Damaraland. Possible sightings of desert-dwelling elephants in this region!

Possible wildlife sightings: antelopes springbok, oryx, jackals, mongoose, warthogs, meerkats, bat-eared foxes, baboons, free-roaming cheetahs, variety of desert-dwelling birds and desert-dwelling elephants.

Distance: 130 km via partially corrugated gravel road.

Duration: 5 hrs. including sight-seeing

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night in Damaraland at Mopane Lodge 


Day 8 – 24th May, Friday – Wildlife of Etosha National Park

Early morning, after breakfast start from the lodge directly to Etosha NP – wildlife kingdom. Entering the park via southern region at the Andressons’s Gate and visiting Camp Okaukuejo. We are welcomed by wild animals, white sand of the plains, while searching for the king of the savannah –  lion. During game drive through the park admiring variety of magnificent game: antelopes, giraffes, zebras as well as largest land mammals, African elephants roaming through the bush. Etosha’s elephants are considered to be the tallest on the continent.

Arrival at Halali Camp in the heart of the park, featuring scenic Moringa Waterhole frequented by black rhino, elephants, lions, impalas, hyenas, leopards and occasionally honey badgers.

In the evening, relaxing dinner served in the thrilling atmosphere of the wild. You are welcome to game-viewing at the panoramic waterhole where animals gather for the drink of water through the night.


Etosha – the ‘Great White Place’ or ‘place of dry water’  

  • Be it a lion, leopard or an elephant, a giraffe, hyena or a zebra; nearly all African animal species are represented at this huge nature reserve. Inhabiting a ginormous area of over 22,000 square kilometers, there is an estimated number of 250 lions, 300 rhinos, 2 500 giraffes, 6 000 zebras and more than 2 000 elephants in the park. Variety of antelope species: Oryx, Kudu, Eland, Wildebeest, Springbok, Impala and tiniest Steenbok and Duiker live in Etosha. The dainty springbok alone are especially numerous; at least 20 000 roam the reserve. Often, they can be observed in enormous herds of several hundred animals.
  • In Etosha, 114 mammal species are found, several are rare and endangered e.g. black rhino (largest number in the world), cheetah and black-faced impala. Etosha’s elephants, although not great ‚tuskers’ are considered to be the largest in Africa, often measuring up to 4 meters at the shoulder and weighting around 6 tons. Blue wildebeest, zebra, hyena, lion, leopard, cheetah and giraffe, as well as various species of reptiles, rodents and snakes are also found in the area. With 340 bird species inhabiting the park – Etosha is a bird-lovers paradise!
  • Etosha park features over 60 springs and waterholes which provide excellent game viewing and fantastic, photographic vistas! Visitors should approach and depart from waterholes slowly and quietly, with as little noise as possible, as not to disturb the game and viewing pleasure of the other visitors.
  • Three most popular rest camps at the park: Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni, each camp features scenic, flood-lit waterhole, frequently visited by animals, as well as a leisure area with a restaurant, shops and a swimming pool for guests’ convenience. 

Unique attraction: Okaukuejo Camp features Post Office and mailing box - you may purchase variety of postcards and send them to friends with Etosha stamp!

Possible wildlife sightings en-route to the park: antelopes eland, kudu, springbok, oryx, mountain zebras, desert-dwelling elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, ostriches, jackals, mongoose, warthogs.

Optional activity:

  • Daytime/nighttime open-vehicle game drives with park’s drivers; minimum 2 and maximum 12 guests (NAD 650/ NAD 750 pp/drive) – bookable at reception on arrival.

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Accommodation: for 2 nights within the park at Halali Camp 


Day 9 – 25th May, Saturday – Etosha Magic – Full Day Game Drives

Full-day unlimited game drives from sunrise to sunset; while you are enjoying wildlife sightings at the waterholes, view-points, and natural springs located around the park. Lunch-stop at one of the camps. Arrival back at the camp, refreshing and dinner. Later-on if preferred you are welcome to enjoy game-viewing at the flood-lit waterhole -  topping-up the adventures of the day.


Possible wildlife sightings: wildlife of Etosha.

Distance: about 200 km via gravel road.

Duration: full-day

Meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner.


Day 10 – 26th May, Sunday – Departure flight transfer

After breakfast, morning game drive while exiting the park around 10:30. En-route back to Windhoek lunch-stop and possible visit to the largest open-air craft market in Okahandja to find hand-made souvenirs, bracelets and artifacts from local street craftsmen. Arrival in Windhoek in the afternoon, drop-off at the hotel and end of the tour.


Possible wildlife sightings: wildlife of Etosha; En-route and outside the park: antelopes kudu, eland, warthogs, jackals, baboons and birds of prey.

Distance: 520 km via gravel and mainly tarred roads.

Duration: 5,5 hrs. including stops.

Meals: breakfast, lunch.



Additional Information


Included in the tour’s price:

Transport, fuel, 9 nights mid-range and luxury lodge accommodation and reservations, meals as per itinerary (B, L, D + mineral water), 2 x national parks and world heritage entrance fees, entrance to Moon Valley, Cape Cross seal colony, ‘Damara Living Village’, Twyfelfontein rock engravings, half-day Sandwich Harbor day tour, full-day unlimited game drives at the park (sunrise till sunset) in the provided tour vehicle, experienced tour guide for the entire tour, airport transfer on arrival (within the tour date).


Not included in the tour’s price:

Scheduled, international flights ‚to and from’ Namibia, individually extended accommodation, additional transfers, individual travel and medical insurance, soft drinks during the travel and meals, all alcoholic beverages, all optional activities as per itinerary (guide may assist with booking), waiters gratuities and guide tip, trip extensions, visa to Namibia (if required), airport transfer on departure (beyond tour date). 



Vaccinations/Immunizations are not required when traveling to Namibia; we advise to contact your doctor/physician before your trip to Africa. Please make sure that you have been already vaccinated against polio, tetanus, hepatitis and tuberculosis.


Malaria During this trip you will travel through low-risk malaria area (Etosha only); it is advisable to consult your physician and take precautionary/prophylactic measures to protect yourself from being infected with malaria.


Insurance It is compulsory to take up adequate travel insurance before traveling. Please consult your insurance company for advice and information before making the trip to Namibia.


Start Date: 2019-05-17
End Date: 2019-05-26
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