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  • Bushmen Namibia

15 Days – Ethnic Namibia – Cultural Experience

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Detailed Itinerary

Low Season 1st of November – 30th of June

High Season 1st of July – 31st October


15 Days – 14 Nights

Camping Accommodation (minimum of 4 participants): euro 2206 pp (low season)/euro 2749 pp (high season)

Mid-range Lodge Accommodation: euro 3265 pp (low season)/euro 3680 pp (high season)

Luxury Lodge Accommodation: euro 6185 pp (low season)/euro 7159 pp (high season)

Minimum 2 people per tour. 50% discount for children 12 years old and younger.

Day 1

Welcome to Africa! We will pick you up from the Hosea Kutako International Airport and briefly travelling through Windhoek, capital of Namibia, directly transfer to a lodge situated amidst African bushland and savannah. At the lodge, time for rest and refreshment – surrounded by calm of African atmosphere.

Dinner served at the lodge.: 70km on tar and gravel roads.

Accommodation: for 1 night at the lodge near/in Windhoek Tamboti Guesthouse, River Crossing Lodge, Hilton Hotel

Day 2

In the morning, on our way to Uis near spectacular Brandberg Massif with highest Namibian peak, Konigsberg 2574m above sea level. In the afternoon, walk amidst granite mountains to famous ‚White Lady’ and ancient Bushman paintings done by the tribal artists inhabiting these regions centuries ago.

Meals: breakfast, dinner at the lodge near Brandberg.

Accommodation: for 1 night at White Lady Lodge

Distance: 350km, tar/gravel roads.

Duration: around 5 hrs with the stop-over.

Day 3

Early in the morning, after breakfast, on route to Damaraland and Twyfelfontein, UNESCO World Heritage Site, where over 2000 rock engravings created by Bushmen are found in the rusty rocks and mountains. Engravings picture animals, Bushmen hunters and their ancient lifestyle. Afterwards visit at the unique Petrified Forest.

On the way, visit to Damara tribe at the Living Museum, created by the Damara people to keep, preserve and present their culture. Local tour guide introduces us to customs and traditions of Damara people in past and present times. After thrills of the day, refreshing rest and appetizing dinner at the safari lodge while enjoying sunset over savannah.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: for 1 night at the Twyfelfontein Country Lodge, Igowati Country Hotel or Ugab Terrace Lodge

Distance: 250 km on gravel roads.

Duration: around 6 hours with the stops for sightseeing and lunch.

Day 4 and 5

After breakfast, venturing further into Kaokoland, far from civilization – to Opuwo, capital of this northern region to meet Himba people – one of the last, original, nomadic tribes on Earth, who continue to keep traditional ancient way of life, as they did for hundreds of years.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 400 km on tar and gravel roads.

Duration of travel: around 8 hrs with stops for pictures and lunch.

Accommodation for 2 nights at: Opuwo Country Hotel

Next morning, meeting with Himba people and unforgettable visit to their village, learning about ancient, nomadic way of life. Unique opportunity to observe exotic culture and customs. Himba people are a semi-nomadic tribe who inhabit the Kaokoland area of Namibia.

The Himba have clung to their traditions and the beautiful Himba women are noted for their intricate hairstyles and traditional jewelry. As Himba men and woman wear few clothes apart from a loin cloth or goat skinned mini-skirt, they rub their bodies with red ochre and fat to protect themselves from the sun that gives their appearance a rich red color. Himba jewelry is made from iron or shell, and due to their intricate designs have become very popular with tourists.

Visit at the village and close encounter with Himba people creates superb opportunity for spectacular ethnic photography!

After morning adventure at Himba village, time for lunch and afternoon rest.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: 100 km on gravel roads.

Day 6 and 7

Early in the morning, heading further north, to Epupa Falls on the Kunene River, one of the most spectacular and picturesque regions in Namibia. Exotic meeting with Himba people! Visit at the village and Himba graveyard.

Kunene River forms natural border between Namibia and Angola. Highest single drop measures 37 m. Kunene River is one of just five perennial rivers in arid Namibia, and is considered a precious resource by those who live near it. The river has for centuries supported the semi-nomadic Himba people, who are one of Africa’s most successful remaining pastoralist peoples.

Tucked away in the comfort of the safari lodge, you can spend time meditating beauty of this charming region, set far away from civilization.

Optional activities, not included in the tour price:

Adrenaline pumping – white water rafting. (Only when the water in the river is at the right level) Price: euro 45 pp.

Sundowners while enjoying beautiful view of Epupa Falls. Price: euro 20 pp.

Trekking on hiking trails.

At the lodge, possibility of quiet rest in tranquil surroundings or option of nature walks, bird watching or spotting crocodiles and water monitors (giant lizards/reptiles up to 2 m long) inhabiting area of the Kunene River. Crocodiles at Kunene are considered to be one of the most aggressive ‚crocs’ in Africa.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: for 2 nights at Epupa Camp, situated in quiet and pristine area ‚far from civilization’.

Total distance in 2 days: around 250km on gravel roads, during the travel stop-over for stretching legs and taking pictures.

Day 8

After breakfast, we are on route south, passing through Opuwo and on to small town of Ruakana in the Ovamboland – land of the Ovambo tribe. Arrival at Ruakana, in the afternoon, around 3 o’clock. Visit at the scenic Ruakana Falls – one of the most spectacular and picturesque regions of Namibia.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 350km on gravel roads.

Duration: around 6 hrs with stop over for break, picture-taking and meal.

Accommodation: for 1 night at the lodge near Ruakana Falls at Ruakana Lodge.

Day 9

Travelling south through Ovamboland, we are on route to one of the biggest and most beautiful nature sanctuaries of Africa, treasure of Namibia – Etosha National Park. On the way unique opportunity to capture scenes from life of the local Ovambo people.

Visit at the Ombalantu Baobab Tree Heritage Centre with famous baobab tree. Its story reaches as far as times of tribal wars. Giant tree hole served as shelter for local tribes, especially women and children, during past tribal conflicts. Previously Baobab housed coffee shop, then post office and now a chapel.  At the site, discovering its story, written into memories of the Ovambo tribe.

After visit at Ombalantu, on route to  African wildlife sanctuary – Etosha Park, with stop-over for lunch at the local restaurant. Around 4 pm arrival in Etosha, where we will stop for 2 nights, at one of the camps. Etosha – ‚place of dry water’ – one of the most frequently visited national parks of Africa is dedicated to protecting wildlife of African bush and savannah. Its beauty and close encounter with nature – simply overwhelms visitors!

Wild animals such as: lions, cheetah, leopard, elephants, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, rhino, variety of antelopes, birds and reptiles inhabit enormous regions of grassy savannah. Etosha presents picture of harmony and balance of nature, while filling the viewer with tranquil peace and serenity.  It’s a live ‚theatre of nature’ at its best!

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 350 km on tarred and gravel roads.

Duration: around 8 hours with stops for sightseeing and lunch.

Accommodation: for 2 nights, at one of the Etosha’s camps Namutoni, Halali or Okaukuejo

Day 10

On safari trails of Etosha! Fantastic opportunity for wildlife photography! Tracking wildlife in its own natural habitat. Searching for big African cats, leopard and cheetah, and for the ‚king of savannah’ – the lion. At waterholes, in calm and stillness of the bush, observing variety of animals coming for drink of water after hot day. Evening and till late at night spent at the waterhole, watching and admiring the wildlife, captivated by incredible nature show!

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: about 200km on gravel roads.

Day 11 and 12

On our way to Bushmenland! We will leave Etosha around 11 am, on route to a mining town Tsumeb, where we will stop for lunch. Arriving at our next lodge early afternoon, for rest and relaxation.

On the 12th day, visit to friendly Bushmen. At the village we will observe their traditions and culture, animal-tracking in the bush, finding water-rich plants, berry and fruit picking. Bushmen will perform their traditional dances, games and songs.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: about 300km on tar and gravel roads

Duration of the visit at the Bushmen village: around 6 hrs with break for lunch.

Accommodation: for 2 nights at Roy’s Camp

Day 13

On our way south, in direction of Windhoek. On the way short visit to crocodile farm in Otjiwarongo.

Distance: around 450 km on tar roads.

Duration: around 8 hrs with lunch-break.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: at the lodge near/in Windhoek, for 1 night Tamboti Guesthouse, River Crossing Lodge, Hilton Hotel Windhoek

Day 14

In the morning, if time permits, we will visit Diamond Works, where with glass of champagne, guide will introduce us to the technology of polishing and grading diamonds. Unique opportunity to purchase precious stones for your collection!

‚Farewell’ Namibia and African land! We are on our way through bushland and savannah to arrive on time at the international airport, to catch a plane taking you ‚back to civilization’!


Select one, preferred type of accommodation or we can design tailor-made, mixed-accommodation tour:

  • two/three-star lodges
  • luxury lodges and hotels
  • camping/tented

Double rooms with an option of a single supplement. Air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms.

Included/Not included

Included in the tour’s price:

Transport/fuel, accommodation (or tents/camping equipment), meals as per itinerary, national park entrance fee, tour guide for the entire tour, transfer ‚to and from’ the airport, pick-up in Windhoek and guests’ transfer to the lodge/hotel after the tour.

Not included in the tour’s price:

Scheduled flights (bus tickets) ‚to and from’ Namibia, individually extended accommodation or additional transfers, sleeping bags on camping tours, compulsory insurance, water and drinks, alcoholic beverages, optional activities/attractions, snacks, gratuities and tips, trip extensions, personal shopping, visa to Namibia.


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