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  • Namib Desert

15 Days – Kalahari and the Namib Desert

Main Attractions

  • Kalahari Desert
  • Scenic Fish River Canyon (second largest in the World)
  • Desert Adapted, Feral Horses of Namibia – wildlife attraction
  • Diamond Coast, Luderitz and deserted‚ Ghost Town’ of Kolmanskop
  • The Namib ‚Sea of Sand’, Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei – UNESCO World Heritage region
  • Sesriem Canyon and Solitaire oasis
  • Coastal town of Swakopmund and lunar landscape of the ‚Moon Valley’
  • Historical Cape Cross and one of the largest in Africa, colony of fur seals
  • Majestic Brandberg Massif, ‚White Lady’ and Bushmen rock-paintings
  • Bushmen rock engravings at Twyfelfontein – UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Ethnic experience during visit with Himba people
  • Wildlife Sanctuary – Etosha National Park

Detailed Itinerary

15 Days – 14 Nights

Low Season 1st of November – 30th of June

High Season 1st of July – 31st October

Camping Accommodation ( minimum of 4 participants ): euro 2206 pp (low season)/euro 2749 pp (high season)

Mid-range Lodge Accommodation: euro 3265 pp (low season)/euro 3684 pp (high season)

Luxury Lodge Accommodation: euro 6185 pp (low season)/euro 7159 pp (high season)

Day 1

Welcome to the African land! We will pick you up at the Hosea Kutako International Airport in Namibia and comfortably travel to the safari lodge near Windhoek, capital of Namibia. Time for rest after the flight.

Meals: dinner served at the lodge.

Distance: 80 km.

Duration: around 1 hour with the stop-overs.

Accommodation: 1 night in/near Windhoek.

Optional activities (not included in tour price): game drive in an open-roof vehicle in search of wildlife, experiencing and discovering natural beauty of Namibia.

Day 2

Travelling south to town-oasis Keetmanshoop, located in the midst of the Kalahari Desert.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night at the two-star hotel at Keetmanshoop.

Distance: 500 km (tarred roads).

Duration: around 6 hours with the stop-overs.

Optional activity (not included in the tour’s price): visit at the Quiver Tree Forest or/and at fascinating rock formations known as Giant’s Playground.

Day 3

Adventure at the Fish River Canyon, second largest canyon in the World, after the famous Grand Canyon. Unique place for spectacular landscape photography! Early morning or at the sunset, canyon and surrounding desert comes to life with hues, colors and shades – what provides the best lighting for artistic captures, painted with the raising or setting sun.

Meals: breakfast, dinner at the safari lodge near the Fish River Canyon.

Distance: around 150 km on the gravel roads during the day.

Day 4

On trail of the desert-adapted horses (Feral Horses of Namibia), which have incredibly adjusted to the harsh, dry and often unmerciful desert conditions.  While admiring these incredible creatures, we are charmed by the outstretched and changing landscape, unending horizons and beauty of the Namib Desert.

You will spend 1 night at the two-stars safari lodge, set in the spectacular sandy, rocky hills, near small town of Aus.

Meals: breakfast, dinner at the safari lodge near Aus.

Distance: around 300 km (tarred and gravel roads).

Duration: about 5 hours with the stop-overs.

Day 5 and 6

After breakfast, journey to the small, coastal town of Luderitz situated on the Coast of the Atlantic. On route, stop-over at the famous ‚Ghost Town’ of Kolmanskop, which sits deserted and completely abandoned in the dunes, after famous, Namibian ‚diamond fever’. Kolmanskop is located 10 km from Luderitz. Short visit to the historical granite cross, known as the Diaz Cross, set in the sands of the Namib by Portuguese sailor Diaz, when he first landed at the Namibian coast centuries ago. On route, admiring spectacular desert landscape.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 2 nights at the two-star hotel in Luderitz.

Distance: around 200 km (tarred roads).

Duration: around 4 hours with the stop-overs.

Optional attractions, not included in the tour’s price: weather permitting – 1 hr ocean yacht cruise, trip to the Agate Beach, where the Atlantic deposits semi-precious agate stones right onto the sand.

Day 7

Moving towards Sossusvlei – highest and oldest dunes on Earth – on the way admiring picturesque vistas and incredible, desert landscape. After the long day’s drive, you are comfortably settled for an appetizing dinner and deserved rest at the stylish lodge near the Sossusvlei.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 2 nights at the two-stars safari lodge near Sossusvlei.

Distance: around 400 km (tarred and gravel roads).

Duration: around 7 hours with the stop-overs.

Day 8

Early morning, in the light of the raising sun, an excellent view of the highest dunes in the World. Climbing Dune 45 or/and one of the highest in the area ‚Big Daddy’ or ‚Big Mama’. Off-road drive and adventure at Dead Vlei (valley) where expressive, dried up trees stand among the dunes in the heart of the desert. In the early afternoon, visit at the interesting rock formation of the Sesriem Canyon. Spaciousness, magnificence, splendor and calm forever imprints lasting impressions and memories in your heart – turning your desert adventure into a photographic discovery!

Meals: breakfast, dinner at the lodge.

Distance: 150 km during the course of the day (gravel and sandy roads).

Day 9 and 10

Traveling through the African savanna, towards the Kuiseb River, where huge, orange dunes suddenly stop at the dry river bed of the Kuiseb, as if held by an invisible, giant hand. Afterwards, travelling towards the Atlantic Coast, we arrive at the small town – oasis of Swakopmund, where past, German, colonial architecture melts with modern trends and sandy dunes of the Namib. Desert charms us with its characteristic atmosphere and magnificent vistas.

In the morning, yacht cruise to the colony of the fur seals and pink flamingos. Celebrating on deck, with a glass of Champagne and fresh oysters. In the afternoon, trip to the ‚Moon Valley’ an incredible, lunar landscape and on trails of intriguing botanic attraction Welwitchia mirabillis, known as the ‚living fossil’; interesting, botanical attraction and one of the oldest living plants on Earth.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 2 nights in Swakopmund.

Distance: 350 km (gravel roads).

Duration: around 6 hours with the stop-overs.

Optional activities (not included in the tour price):

1 hr quad-bike tour into the desert dunes

Swakopmund city tour – visit at the Crystal Gallery, open-air, local curio market and snake park.

Day 11

The salt road along the Atlantic Coast will take us further north. On the way, visit to the largest in Africa, fur seal colony. Short stop-over at the historical Cape Cross, where in 1486, Portuguese sailor Diego Cao set up the granite cross in tribute of the King of Portugal, after landing at the Namibian coast.

Turning east, inland, we are on route to the mountainous Brandberg Massif, to meet famous ‚White Lady’ and view Bushmen rock paintings.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night in Uis.

Distance: about 300 km (tarred and gravel roads).

Duration: around 6 hours with the stop-overs.

Optional activity (not included in the tour price): search for the World-famous desert elephants.

Day 12

Early in the morning, on route to Twyfelfontein – UNESCO World Heritage Site, to admire most beautiful, out of over 2000 rock engravings created by Bushmen. Ancient art portrays animals, people and their lifestyle. Stop over at the interesting Petrified Forest. After thrills of the day, refreshing rest at the safari lodge; in the evening, savoring delicious meal while enjoying sunset over the savanna.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night near Twyfelfontein.

Distance: around 250 km (tarred and gravel roads).

Duration: around 5 hours with the stop-overs.

Day 13

Ethnic experience! Unforgettable visit to the Himba village, learning about their customs and traditional way of life. Himba people are one of the last, indigenous tribes which still exist on Earth today; living, as they did hundreds years ago. After lunch, on route to one of the largest and considered to be one of the most loved, nature sanctuaries of Africa – Etosha National Park. Etosha, often called the ‚treasure of Namibia’ is dedicated to protect wildlife of African bush and savanna.

Evening at the waterhole, at one of the camps. Quiet meditation of nature, watching and admiring rich variety of wildlife: elephants, rhinos, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, lions, hyenas and jackals coming to the water. Till late at night, we are captivated by the live ‚theater of nature’.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 2 nights, in Etosha.

Distance: around 250 km (tarred and gravel roads).

Duration: around 4 hours with the stop-overs.

Day 14

Early morning, we are on the safari trail, tracking the Big Game, and travelling deep into Etosha in search of the wild! With the eye of the camera capturing antelopes: springbuck, wildebeest, kudu, impala, gemsbok, hartebeest, oryx and steenbuck. Looking out for magnificent, African elephants, exotic giraffes, shy rhinos, playful jackals, curious warthogs and cheeky hyenas – nature overwhelms and more then surpasses your expectations! Warm invitation to spend the rest of the evening at the camp’s waterhole, in quiet stillness of the African savanna.

Distance: 200 km (gravel roads of Etosha Park).

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Day 15

‚Farewell’ fascinating Etosha! We are traveling south, to Windhoek, capital of Namibia. On route, plenty of time for the last curio shopping, while we visit local craft market and enjoy taking the last photographs of the African savanna. Transfer to the international airport, while we wish you safe journey and many, happy returns to Namibia with Wild Wind Safaris!

Meals: breakfast.

Distance: 400 km (tarred road).

Duration: around 6 hours with the stop-overs.


Select one, preferred type of accommodation or we can design tailor-made, mixed-accommodation tour:

  • two/three-star lodges
  • luxury lodges and hotels
  • camping/tented

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Included/Not included

Included in the tour’s price:

Transport/fuel, accommodation (or tents/camping equipment), meals as per itinerary, national park entrance fee, tour guide for the entire tour, transfer ‚to and from’ the airport, pick-up in Windhoek and guests’ transfer to the lodge/hotel after the tour.

Not included in the tour’s price:

Scheduled flights ‚to and from’ Namibia, individually extended accommodation or additional transfers, sleeping bags on camping tours, compulsory insurance, water and soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, optional activities, snacks, gratuities and tips, trip extensions, personal shopping, visa to Namibia.


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